About Windows Live WriterThis post is directed to the Windows Live Writer team!  I really enjoy the WLW tool for blogging, in fact I’ve been using the latest build since it was released a week or so ago and have not blogged about it.

I could rave about all the features, but I’ll simply say that the tagging, category improvements, performance, PNG support and the WLW Gallery at Windows Live are great improvements to WLW.  Keep up the good work!

Now my one negative comment.  Pre-set post date info does not work with WordPress.  If I want to set the date a post appears on my blog, sometime in the future, the blog mysteriously travels back in time to December 31st, 1969!  Is there a chance that this could be fixed?  I’ve seen the same behavior in Word 2007 B2.

Fixing this one feature would make this already fantastic tool, indispensable.

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