"Old Glory", Flag of the United States of America Some, (including some blogger’s I read), suggest our country is mirroring the spiraling demise during the end days of the Roman Empire.  While I do see issues and concerns for our country that may or may not have been experienced by previous generations, I do not subscribe to this line of thinking.  Call me what you will, but the defeatist attitude that the leftist liberals in this country want you to believe is one of many tickets on the bus of doom.

I believe in what the founding fathers of our country laid down in the Declaration of Independence.  I believe control of one’s destiny is the cornerstone to success and happiness for all.  The truth of it is that each of us has this right, this independence to prosper impressively or fail miserably & spectacularly.  The choice is up to each of us – it IS that simple.

Actually, the challenges facing our country, and frankly the world, are the same hard life lessons that every generation has had to come to grips with.  You have to work in some way to make a living.  You have to care and nurture your children above all else.  That you have to take responsibility for your actions and opinions.  That some people will hate you, and you can’t do anything about it.  That we are mortal and life is shorter than you believe as a child.  These lessons are not learned evenly by any generation.

My question to those who think America’s best days are behind us is this.  What are you doing to change “it”?

  • Are you paying more attention to the news stories and finding the truth, or do you simply believe what you hear?
  • Are you suggesting peace solutions for Iraq that appease all parties?  Do you even know the history of the problems there (I bet most don’t)?
  • Are you out protecting our freedoms to protest and demonstrate?  Do you thank every vet you meet?
  • Are you helping to reduce the rate of fatherless households or broken homes in our country?

Or are you waiting for congress to decide for you, use your tax dollars to do it, and only do the job halfway?

My point on this July 4th,2007 is that only by answering the really tough questions can you see the light at the other end.  I can see that shining city, I can see that America is an ongoing beacon for those oppressed.  What do you see?

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