I’m frustrated with how Facebook handles relationships.  Set aside for a moment that I think it’s inferior to a blog for social networking.  If I was to entrust my social network to Facebook, I’d have a hard time to keep track of all the different types of interrelationships.

We all have family, friends, associates, co-workers, employers, vendors, suppliers, and so on that we deal with on a daily or weekly basis.  Why can’t we classify our "friends" according to type of relationship?  There should be more choices, like following relationship types: family, friends, followers, & associates.

Doing this would allow us to organize contacts to be more aligned with groups, apps, and sort out what each type of "friend" could access.  I’m one of those people who want’s all contacts to "see" everything I do on Facebook – but I would still like to be able to sort my contacts by type.

This is one area that Facebook and the rest of social network services will have a hard time to provide PIM functionality that many people still use.  That’s my $.02 – what do you think?  What other types of relationships could be included?

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