So I’m sitting here this fine, cool, wonderful Saturday morning, working on plans for the next four Social Media Breakfast – Twin Cities events thinking. There’s an energy here in the Northland that is hard to describe, but I know our fellow social web enthusiasts know what I’m talking about.

Even with the issues in the world-wide economy, I see energy and optimism that is a component of every entrepreneur. The ideas are fresh and honest, the kind that make you say “why didn’t I think of that”? The atmosphere of these events engenders this kind of creativity, the kind that allows you cheer them on. The real work of meeting people, exchanging ideas and making things happen are as timeless as they are productive.

It’s because of these extraordinary meetups that drive me to continue to help make them happen. Realizing that this is something I enjoy only makes the effort that much more rewarding. So as we roll out the next several events, I wanted to take a minute and thank all the folks who visit and participate in these social media events. You are the reason we find value in getting together and sharing those ideas.

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