blogging Kent Newsome tipped me off to what I’ve been striving for in the past month.  Unique and interesting voices.

I’d rather read about someone’s day than yet another post raving about the latest social network or Facebook application.  Nobody’s life is as boring as that.  Like TDavid, I tend to choose interesting voices over interesting subject matter.

While I do enjoy reading about the latest social this & that, I also have been striving to find quality in the blogs that I read on a daily basis.  I honestly have been trying to read the blogs and feeds that I follow – and of course there isn’t enough time in the day to get through it all.

So I’m still on my quest to find the my top bloggers in a wide range of topics that I’m interested in learning more about.  One of them is Joanna Young over at Confident Writing.  Her blog is interesting to me because thinking about writing itself is something that I haven’t done much of (and it probably shows 😉 ).  This is one example of how a fresh voice helps you expand your horizons and grow as an individual & a writer.

On the flip side, I just added Jim Long’s Verge New Media blog.  Yes, it talks about new media, but it comes from someone that has experience in “old media” and has jumped into the new media arena with both feet.  I’ve had the opportunity to interact with newmediajim often on Twitter and always enjoyed the viewpoints and the exchange.

Anyway, as I continue to read feeds, I discover that I still am looking for more than news.  Every time I run across a an interesting post, I make sure to go back to the original site, and sure enough – I’m missing something in the reader that is there on the blog.

I really like the beginning of one of Joanna’s posts that also follows my line of thinking on this.

Words are powerful things.  Just think for a moment about the impact other people’s words have had on you, for good or ill – or what you might read into the words that someone else has written, however quickly and casually they might have been penned.

It’s these kinds of voices that I want to continue to find.  One’s that continue to push my thinking and writing skills.  My thanks to everyone out there contributing to the conversation (as Shel and Robert put it).

By the way – any suggestions for new voices?  I’d be interested in hearing who you think I should check out.

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