Mark Evans talks about the current entrepreneurial movement going on.  I have to admit that I am more and more leaning towards that option as I think about the future of my career.

There are a lot of reasons that starting my own business is appealing.  Mainly its because I’ve been at one place too long.  A person fights the same battles every year, follow the same “leader” month after month, and it doesn’t seem to make a huge difference.

That’s not to say that being part of a large (or small) organization where you have no direct monetary involvement is the wrong choice for many.  But I came from a consulting background.  My core strengths are the ability to observe and advise on the best use of technology for an organization.  These are not being used to their full advantage in an enterprise environment focused on a “maintenance mode” mentality.

The current move by many individuals to become their own boss, to become the decision maker, the marketing person, the finance person, and the billable worker has its appeal in the control over one’s life.  By becoming an entrepreneur, you gain control over your life, and the direction of your career. 

While, yes, you also take on the enormous responsibility of financial success or failure, critics also have to admit that it really is dependant on your effort in pursuing success.  And when a person has the interest and desire to take control of their destiny, magical things can happen when they take the initiative.

Via: Mark EvansIt’s Raining Entrepreneurs

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