I’d been kinda busy in September, but not entirely and it really was affecting my posting here on the blog.  My search for clients and reliable contract work was disrupting my efforts on this blog (and others) to the extent that all thoughts simply dried up.

Well, Friday of this week was a great day for me.  A lot of my worries were laid to rest, and I ran across a great contract opportunity here in Minneapolis.  Since I’m unsure of their policies about blogging and whatnot, I’ll not be talking about the client or their business.  In any event, writing about business for me is boring since I find the topics of social media & networking, and personal branding much more interesting.  However, I’m excited by the direction they’re taking technology-wise and will be on-site most of every week, right on through ’till spring.

So now that that part of life is settling down a bit, I’m already getting back the ability to write without loosing my ideas and not freezing up on the keyboard.  It’s been a tough few weeks, but I’m game for the next stage.

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