blogging It seems that there is a growing undercurrent of interest in voices outside the “A List” of bloggers.  Several “smaller” bloggers are becoming interested in reading people from their own “level” in the blogosphere.

I use the terms “smaller” and “level” with disdain here because blogging is about much more than being labeled as A List, C List, etc…    Perhaps we can call many of the A Listers the first generation of bloggers – because many of them have been at it for several years.  Dave Winer for example has over 10 years of blogging under his belt!  These bloggers have done the work to develop and promote blogging.

The “echo chamber” effect of reading and re-reading many so-called A List Robert Scoblebloggers is real, and there has been a lack of new voices and fresh ideas for some time.  However, that is starting to change as less known bloggers are becoming very good at getting their voices heard.  Its also helping with well-known bloggers like Robert Scoble making a concerted effort to listen, comment and engage less-known bloggers.

Scoble himself points to his Google Reader Link Blog as his example of a wide-ranging list of bloggers and information that is not tapping into the A List.

Chirs Brogan Chris Brogan, who has really come into his own and become a much more well-known blogger in 2006/2007 is probably one of the best examples of engaging literally everyone he meets in the new media world.

The blogosphere is a-changin’ and its for the better.  Its turning into a much more level playing field for anyone who wishes to participate.

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