Microsoft Zune Digital Music Player BetaNews has posted a review of the Zune, and its not very favorable of the device.  I’ll admit that I’ve been seeing a number of bland reviews of the device all over.  While the user interface is top-notch, the physical aspects of the device, size, and controller configuration leave much to be desired. 

Compared to the iPod and other devices such as the Creative Zen series, the device simply seems like a prototype of what the Zune could be.

I’d been thinking of getting the Zune as a gift for my wife for Christmas, but now I think that the Zen is a better option.  Since we have a subscription to URGE, I also don’t want to have to change music services.  Maybe the follow-on device will fix some of the shortcomings of this version of the Zune.

Via: BetaNews – Zune Has Too Many Issues to Compete

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