Ok, we’ve completed DR, and it was an overall success.  Though our provider had several hardware issues that delayed our start time, and impeded our early progress, we did complete our required tests.

One stretch objective was “bagged” at the end, though we did restore the systems involved.  This was due to the length of the test, we had added 8 hours to the test when the provider offered them for not being 100% ready at the beginning.  That change did make for a longer than anticipated work schedule for a number of the staff – several extra hours were spent on-site rather than getting much needed rest.

Once we completed yesterday, we all headed home for rest; I got home in the afternoon, ate a little, watched a movie and tried to waste a little time to get closer to a “real” bedtime.  Finaly crashed around 9pm and slept for a little over 12 hours.  Good thing we don’t do this too often, its hard to catch up on rest.

Now we’ll gather our notes, archive the contents of the DR Blog and bring all this information to our post-DR de-brief meeting sometime in the next week.  Lots of items will be discussed, from our performance, our providers performance, what went well, what we can improve on, and so on.

Until next time!

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