Ok, so I’m working with DotNetNuke for a project my wife has plans for.  I’ve loaded up a test install of DNN 4.02 to “play around with” and learn a little bit about the system – impressive so far.  We may stick with this for her site as it will allow her to be able to edit/change the site without a lot of worry over the nitty-gritty HTML, SQL, .NET, ASP, etc…

Hmm, I may just keep this in mind for one of my side projects I’m working on as well.  There are just so many add-ins that can expand and extend the platform in many interesting and useful ways.

Now I know I could do this same type of thing with PHPNuke as well (heh, this site is running on Linux, PHP, MySQL…), but I’m just not that good with PHP yet.

I’ll need to talk with a buddy from work, who’s a guru at this stuff, to get a handle on some of the options available.  Check out his site when you get a chance – www.jerryloss.com, and his hosting service as well (Hi Jerry!).

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