FlexMail 2006 is an email application for Pocket PC devices.  WebIS had released previous versions under the name Mail, and I purchased a copy of Mail 2.0 awhile back.  Since the new version was released earlier this month, I thought I’d try out the new version and see how it has grown.

Now WebIS has done some substantial work on this product for compatibility with Windows Mobile 5, to support for SSL on  both inbound & outbound POP/SMTP mail accounts.  Support for IMAP is here as well, though I have no IMAP accounts to try it with.  Other new features are support for VGA and square screen devices, integration of SMS messaging on phone devices, and various other small though important inprovements.

My main thing I was looking forward to was manageability of my mail.  Since I have 5 separate and distinct email accounts that I use and monitor, I have a need to keep the accounts separate.  I was not able to do this in FlexMail.  The built-in Messaging application in WM5 has the ability to have separate folder structures for each mail account – FlexMail does not.  This simple difference negates all the features of FlexMail for me.

The built-in mail client for WM5 is surprisingly flexible for multiple accounts and this is what I need rather than the ability to view HTML email (though that is nice).  Until FlexMail adds this kind of functionality, its getting removed from my MDA until the next version.

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