blogging I think it’s really that part of February that starts to effect everyone.  I’ve been reading it around the ‘net the past week or so.  Posts on enthusiasm, procrastination, motivation, etc… we’re all looking to break out of the same winter blandness and get cranking again.  At least that’s what it feels like.

March is a couple weeks away, and even then, winter still has a firm grasp up until the end of the month in many places.  We’re affected by the surroundings and the weather can play a big part in how active we are.

Maybe it’s just me – I’ve been “heads down” this winter at a client for the most part, getting the job done.  Come April, that’ll change to a new client and we’ll start planning for the spring vacation and such.  I’m starting to get antsy for not only warm weather, but to get more active with my favorite bloggers and social media friends.

To all those that have been keeping the posts rolling this winter, working to motivate people and make things happen – thank you!  I’m constantly amazed at the energy level that many people have this time of year – you’re an inspiration!

Anyone feeling the same way?  Have some great plans to share for spring?  Whatever you’ve got planned for the coming weeks I wish you well. 🙂

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