I agree with Dave Winer’s analysis about blogging is a part of life.  The notion that an enabling technology being the news is misleading – the technology is just a mechanism for each of us to communicate our thoughts and ideas, in an easier, faster cheaper way.

Each new enabling technology (PCs, Email, Internet, MP3s, Digital Photography, Digital Video, etc…) is just another tool for everyone to leverage in their day-to-day lives.  Saying that blogging is “dead” makes no sense, as there are millions of new blogs created each month.  While some of this may be a fad that draws people in, I for one have become intrigued by the blogosphere and the conversations within it.  Just like I was drawn into using the Internet as a research and communications tool.  Of course, blogging may not be for everyone, just like Instant Messaging isn’t for everyone.
And Dave is correct when he says that new businesses will spring from blogs – the communication & collaboration is what drives new ideas and concepts.  What do you think new businesses start from?  Nothing?  Ideas are what change industries and the world, and when you have clear, simple communications (i.e. Naked Coversations – see Scoble), you have the necessary foundation to build on.

Via: Scripting News

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