blogging As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I’ve been struggling through my blogging the last few months.  From a bout of “blogger’s block” that really chased me from my keyboard, to coming up with excuses of what keeps me from blogging, I’ve finally come to the realization that I need to write.  Period.

The one thing that I want to do is be of value, and that is what’s been keeping me from really getting back “in the groove”.  I keep second guessing my topics or the tone, or the wording, or… you name it.

To that end, I’ve begun a daily journal.  A place that I can just ramble my thoughts out, not worrying about how it sounds, the structure, the cohesiveness of an idea.  Just a place to get those ideas down.

In the past I’ve hated this idea, just ask my 8th grade literature teacher – she had us writing journals every day, and I’d just pick something like “pizza” or “zucchini” or some such thing that I could write a paragraph on and claim to have “participated”.  Of course, I was a tech-geek even then, and if it didn’t have LED’s or buttons, it wasn’t interesting.

This is but one more technique that I’ve heard other blogger’s using.  I’m all for new ideas and techniques, especially one’s that are time-tested and help in multiple areas.

I’m curious to your experiences though, and would really like to know how a journal has helped or hindered you.  Does the additional free-form writing exercise that is personal and kept private helps you write, think or work better?

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