I was quite surprised today when an IT Mgmt staff member asked a few of us about blogging! This is really interesting, as there are many reasons for our company to set up both an external blogging presence, and an internal one as well. There are many simple Mgmt –> employee communications that could be done through a short blog post. There are many things employees can communicate to each other and different departments instead of mass emails that many don’t read. Notifications from HR or IT could be done in this fasion as well for non-critical items. Blogging in general is simply one more way for people and companies to communicate. With the use of XML feed technologies such as RSS and ATOM, any user can have a constant stream of news being fed to their computer so they don’t have to go surf the ‘Net for it.

Can’t wait to see if anything comes of this – its an interesting year at my company, lots of opportunity for new things.

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