Windows SharePoint Services Good session so far!  There are more features available in Windows SharePoint Service (WSS) 3.0 than I had realized.  Lots of really neat things that you can do that I had previously believed was only available in the Office SharePoint Server 2007.

I had planned on setting up a virtual machine in the near future.  This conference session only reinforces that plan.  WSS is the basic glue for any real Microsoft based integrated productivity solution.  Of course, that assumes that you buy into the entire Microsoft productivity strategy.  That means, databases, messaging, office apps, client OS, server OS, backup, portal, web, etc…  If one does buy in, it does work, and will impress.

At any rate, I’m looking forward to lunch in 30 minutes.  Should be interesting, we’ll be eating at Hemingway’s here at the Hyatt Grand Cypress Resort.  Nice place.

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