I’ve not been blogging much lately, mainly because of getting over the flu – it really hit me hard.  I’ve not been really sick for more than a decade and a half, so it’s been a hard one this time.  We’ll be getting the flu shot next year.

But in addition, there has been a lot of things going on around the homefront, and its taken the steam out of my sails for writing and such.  I’m looking to find the inspiration again, but all the regular stimuli has not been much to get me motivated.  Yeah, there are some neat things going on in the mobile space at 3GSM, and some neat tech seminars for work, but its not getting me in the mood to write about it really.

I’m planning on getting some more work out of the way so I can get back to reading more and being able to write about it.  There is a bit of change going on here, and I hope to make the most of it over the next many months.  Change is good.

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