De cara com a vista... by lulacerdarj at Flickr It’s all perception, or how you view things. I’m often trying to change my view of the world by working in different places when I have the chance. Whether that be coffee shop, a cafe, or a park – the change of scenery does wonders for one’s productivity.


That thought was driven home when I looked out the window last evening and watched the beginnings of a beautiful sunset. Just being able to see that sunset after a darn hard day of coding helped change my perspective on the day. It elevated the spirits and allowed me to get more done around the house than I had planned for the evening.

Look for Patterns

So often I see people doing the same thing day in and day out. It’s an easy routine to fall into. After all most tasks are repetitive and we naturally evolve processes to fit them and simply follow the process over and over. Often we don’t even think about the repetition, instead letting the frustration of it cloud our view of things in general.

Trying Things

It’s amazing how changing even the simplest of things can change one’s point of view and bring on a fresh perspective.

  • Soundtrack for your life – listen to some tunes while you work
  • Rearrange your desk – it’s amazing how moving things around shakes things up
  • New wallpaper for you desktop – get some new vistas to look at
  • Work remotely – go find that “Coffee-Fi” as my friend Thomas calls it, exactly who says you can’t be productive outside the office

Watching for it

More than anything, simply watching for real opportunities to change how you do things, view things, or even work will help bring a new perspective. You’ve probably been doing this type of thing for your employer, “think outside the box”, but may not have done it as often for yourself.

Stand up for a minute and take a good, slow look around your office, and office mates. Turn all the way around. How many others are looking up or around? I bet you’ll see most of your cube mates “heads down” doing those repetitive tasks we talked about.

What About You

So, what are you going to do? Do you have something that we can learn from? What other things have you found to change your vista?

Photo credit: lulacerdarj

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