Connect Up – Social Networking

If you are looking to add connections online, don’t hesitate to add me in LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.  Send me a request through the service and I’ll add you to my connections.  Not using one of these?  Why not?  They are one of many ways to help get yourself recognized, allow people to get to know you, and grow your personal brand.

Sometimes you need to work outside…

There is no other substitute for fresh air and sunshine.  The enabler it becomes to allow your brain to race ahead and work on problems is amazing.  Why don’t many (any?) companies encourage a trip outside and/or sponsor an opportunity for workers to get away from the office once in awhile?  I think it really should be an option.  You know, once or twice a week a person should be able to get out to their favorite place with a laptop and wireless data and just work.  Turn on some tunes or just listen to the sounds around you – I guarantee that you’ll see an improvement in your world view, and help find an answer to that issue you’re working on.

Getting behind on news and writing

Ugh, it’s been a busy couple of days around here and I’ve fallen victim to the most insidious of tasks – home improvement.  Yes, the house is looking nice, with the downstairs completely painted and trimmed.  But I’ve fallen behind in keeping up with news and some writing I had planned.  Oh well, we’ve got over half of the house painted!


Feed Reader Increase

Surprise is not checking your Feedburner stats for months and then finding that people actually read what you write! smile_teeth

Theme update, not 100% happy…

There was an update to the theme I’m using here on my blog, and there are a number of updates that work well, but I just don’t like how it handles images and links on my sidebar.  I really don’t want certain images to have a shadow under them, and I also don’t want some links to have an underline or hover action.  My tweaks to the CSS file just don’t work any more and I’ve got to print it all out to understand what the author did.  Just takes time from other things.

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