fedora core linux Alright, its that time of year again when I start wondering if I can make Linux box my main computer.  I’m going to try just that for the month of December, use Fedora Core 6 as my main OS, and try to stick to using all web-based tools for the majority of my needs.

I’ll admit to everyone right up front, I will keep my desktop system on Windows XP with Office 2003, mainly because I occasionally need Photoshop, Visio, and one or two other unique apps.  But I’ll try to do as much natively in Linux as possible.

I’ve a favor to those of you who are interested – can you give me suggestions on the following?  I’m looking for these tools on Linux to help ease my December sojourn into Linux.

  1. Blogging tool, similar to Windows Live Writer or w.Bloggar
  2. Graphics tool in place of Photoshop (yes I’ll be giving Gimp a go [again])
  3. Screen capture tool similar to Techsmith Snagit
  4. <more to come>

Any comments, suggestions, jeers or cheers can go in the comments.  I’ll be backing up my data from my Vista laptop, wiping the HDD, and installing FC6 this week.

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