As always its the simple things that make the difference, and so it was this weekend.  Ok, it’s not a campfire, but one of those fire-pit thingies that you can set up on the patio.  It’s been an incredible month since we’ve moved to our place just out of town, and we’re beginning to settle into a relaxing routine.

Amy, Brianna and I are enjoying the stars in the sky, and the crickets in the yard.  Watching the fire flickering away and playing “20 questions” to pass some time.  Its been awhile since we’ve had some quite time like this, and its nice to have it right in the backyard instead of several hours drive away.

There’s a lot of writing I do that never makes it anywhere.  Sometimes I think make a mistake in not publishing more posts when the muse strikes.  Like tonight.  There’s a lot of things that come to mind and, for once, I’m not going to talk business, or strategy or ideas around any of it.

Instead, it’s really about the simple things in life.  Family, quite time, a flickering fire, and getting a chance to listen to it all.

Oh, and an the occasional shooting star doesn’t hurt too much either.

So, for all of us rushing through our days and weeks.  Please don’t forget to take a day, an afternoon, or an evening, and sit down with family or friends.  Or simply take time for yourself and relax.  A few hours can make all the difference and is the recharge we all can make use of in our busy lives.

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