While I’m trying to get things moving on the consulting front, Amy and I have been talking about a lot of recreational opportunities.  We’ve got a busy week preparing for this coming weekend as we have a lot planed.  But also, we’re getting outfitted for the rest of the summer and into the next several years.

Didn’t think we would do as much as we have, but we’re now outfitted for canoeing and backpacking.  This is something that we’ve been trying to do more of for the last several years.  It has finally happened, and we can’t wait for every weekend, every available day that we’ll use to get out and do more outside.  Getting out of the corporate world has been a reawakening for me – I really am getting my life back, the important things are becoming clearer again.

Any way, we’ve got a lot of prep work to finish up today and tomorrow before we head out.  Packing, meal prep, and many others.  It really is one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in a long time – and I love it.

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