Hello there!  I’ve been negligent in my posting lately – obviously I’ve not posted since I talked about resigning from my potion at Michael Foods.  Some may be wondering how things have been going since last Thursday.  Well, they’ve been just fine.

The response from my managers and coworkers has been a positive one, though it always is slightly different than one usually expects.  Just goes to show that you don’t always know how people are going to react to things.

One big thing that has taken me by slight surprise is the amount of work there is in handing off responsibilities.  At Michael Foods, we have done a great job of documenting everything we do.  With that said, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done in the transfer of knowledge, and backing out of projects that are already in progress.  Anyone who has resigned from a long-term position probably can relate to that.  Also, since the light at the end of the tunnel is visible, you get more motivated to get it done.

At any rate, I’ve run out of time to read my feeds, keep up on Twitter like I want to, and post my pondering’s on my blog.  That’ll change in the coming week or two, but for the past several days, I’ve been lax in all of these functions.

So I thought I’d also let you know what you can expect in the next few posts, I’ve got some thoughts swirling around personal improvement, and personal responsibility – specially to oneself and your career.  There may be one post, there may be a series of posts related together – just don’t know at this point as it depends on what I want to write at the time.

I’ve been working a lot on Avatar Consultants – on the physical side (office space, comms, etc…, I still have not updated the site with more information on services, support, contact info, and of course the usual theme elements that need to get done (Dave call me please! 🙂 ).  More later!

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