What I find amazing after leaving corporate life is that there are actually other people out there in business.  While that is a ‘super doh!’ statement, I hadn’t really taken the time to notice other people and what they do for a living.  How many people actually work out of coffee shops, cafes and other public locations.  The construction workers, office workers, waiters, public safety, librarians, mechanics… of course the list is endless, but how much we all interact and depend on each other’s services and abilities.

The shear number of people who offer services, sell products, etc… just doesn’t seem to sink in when you’re in a 6’x8′ cube worrying about some other entities (i.e. big companies) problems.  While, I’ve been working on growing Avatar Consultants, I’ve been able to take a few deep breaths and look at what other people do.  It’s opened my eyes to the real world again, something that I’d been missing in corporate and I revel in my newfound freedoms.

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