I’ve been telling people over the last few months that the next real important piece of Web 2.0 will be online storage.  Had actually contemplated how a person could go about jumping into the fold and building a site and service – but alas it would not be (I have not the skills nor the investors neede:)).

However, I am glad to see new online services start to pop up.  Like Box.net for example.   They have crafted a nice AJAXy interface that is simple to use and easy to see what you have stored there.  With multiple pricing plans starting at $5/month for 5GB, it looks like a nice service to try out.

You can sample the service yourself with a free 1GB account.  I’m currently filling up my new account with a number of files I’ve been meaning to back up for months now (no really I have meant to…).  The process was simple, the results as I expected.  You can upload by browsing with a standard Windows file browse dialog, or their Drag-n-Drop window that allows you to copy whole folder structures at at time – very nice.

Good luck guys, I’m going to continue to use the service and see if I can find enough data to upgrade to a larger account.

Also, check out Russell Beattie’s post on Box.net!

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