I’ve been looking for better tools to write, manage, and post to my blog lately – and I’m still looking.  The freebie tools are interesting, but are not working that well for me.  w.bloggar is about the best one for post creation, and it lets me save posts as files on my PC, so I could manage them in a set of folders prior to posting.

Writely is another tool I’ve been using to write & manage, but not to post.  I had been posting directly from Writely, but it soon started to display this ugly skill of skewering my blog layout.  The first time I thought it was something I did and it took me about 2 days to track it down, then I wised up.

So this past week I started trying to use Microsoft’s OneNote 2003/2007 as my blog post manager.  While it does not have the ability to post directly to a blog, it seemed to be a great way to organize by folders, tabs, and pages all the research, pictures, links, and posts for my blog.

While OneNote is great at doing exactly the thing I was hoping for – organizing & managing the research and post creation – it failed at the most simply thing.  Or at least Windows did – Copy & Paste.

When I copied the post text and pasted it into WordPress, the full HTML formatting followed the text.  Now maybe I’m being stupid again (shh…), and there is a simple way in Windows/Office/OneNote to copy only the text – like when you paste in most Office apps, you can choose unformatted text as an option.  If there is will someone point that out to this slow IT guy? 🙂

If I can get past the copy & paste issue, I’ll be using OneNote full time.  I’m about ready to try and request the product at work, it is that helpful to the way I work.  Being able to combine all forms of digital information into one page is huge – makes me want to get a Tablet PC ;).

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