Roadtrip To Phoenix by Faded Photographs No, not in a physical sense. Though, I’m off to find unique and new blogs, bloggers, writers, thought tweakers and twitters. Sometimes it’s interesting how you find new people to read and follow. From a reply by one of the people you follow in Twitter, it leads to finding new Twitters. That in turn leads to their blogs or websites, and from there to LinkedIn, Facebook, FriendFeed and so on where you keep finding more.

At times this can be a timesink when you don’t put a cap on your exploration of friends and feeds. On the other hand, some of the most valuable finds are from these totally “organic” or spontaneous surfing sessions. I happened to find a few more tonight and thought it was worth think a bit more about.

So I’m off on a blog & Twitter roadtrip, looking at the sights & sounds of the blogosphere. Where will it take me and what will I find? I hope it’s you!

What are you off to do tonight?

Photo Credit: Faded Photographs

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