'arrow up' by Leo Reynolds Wow, what a wild ride the last few months have been.  I’ve been planning to refine the direction of my blog and revamp the appearance for some time and it’s finally completed!

Well, it’s almost completed – I’ve got a replacement for the About page almost ready to publish, and I’ve got one last page that I’ll add a little later.  Seems I just can’t get it to come out quite right in the past week while working on other things – so I’ll get to that real soon.


The great part is that I’m refining my direction.  Since I’ve come out of corporate, with a strong background in information technology, I’m going to focus on helping those organizations with social media.  I’ve changed the description of the blog to "social web & the enterprise".  I believe that to better describe the direction that I’m going. 


First, I really respect a number of bloggers for their work & influence on me.  So, instead of the old blogroll, or a list of links, I created a new Friends page.  This page is people I have come to know, respect, learn from, work with, and I wanted to do more than just link to them.  You’ll find a description of each blog and a thumbnail of their landing page.


Also page that can now be found in the top navigation area is the Resume page.  I’ve had a variant of this Social Media Resume up for about 9 months, but never advertised it on the blog.  I’ve revamped a number of pieces of the page as it used to be a completely custom HTML page forced into a WordPress theme template.  Now it fully fits the theme, with a special resume.php template that allows different sidebars and such.  Much better.  I’ve pulled the video that I had on it, but will replace it with another one to fit the direction of the blog shortly.


You’ll also notice that all advertising save two things have been removed from the blog.  While I make enough to pay for hosting, I believe that the ads detracted from what I’m here to accomplish, so they’re gone.  The two items I mentioned that remain are badges for Personal Branding Magazine, and for Avatar Consultants.  Their of personal interest to me, I’m involved in writing for one, and the other is my consulting firm.

Nowhere But Up

So if the picture in this post didn’t give a hint, my motto as I revise my direction and enter a new phase, is that there is nowhere to go but up.  Join me as we bring the benefits of the social web to organizations of all sizes.  Come along and help individuals realize the power and strength of their brand.  Let’s make each day the best it can be!

I want to give a special thank you to Mykl Roventine for patience, ideas, and a great design – I wouldn’t have gotten this completed without his work.  Thank you.

Got feedback?  I bet!  Don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts in a comment below.

Photo credit: Leo Reynolds

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