Darren Rowse talks about Maintaining Momentum in Blogging today.  This is a welcome discussion as I have been having trouble finding time and energy to get past a ‘bloggers block’ I’m having.  Its inspirational enough that I’m actually getting a bit more excited trying to work through some of the site issues I’m having with Snowmoblog – RSS XML generated by WordPress won’t verify, my graphic work is as lame as I expected (Dave H. I may give you a call), and I need to upgrade the hosting service – to name a few.

Not to mention that its been hard to find time to properly review the BlackBerry units I’m working on at work.  See this is the real issue – I’ve got some good plans for larger posts, but am having trouble finding the time to commit to writing them.  Work is a real drain right now – and it may be because of th weather, I’m not really sure.

Anyhoo, enough of these sorry excuses, I’ve got a lot of work to do and it needs to be done.  The family and I are taking a few days out of the week and heading north for a quick getaway – just a little ‘pine time’ as the saying goes around here.

Just as I was posting, Darren posted part II in this series.  In this post he posits several good tips on maintaining the focus needed for building a good blogging rythum.  After reading the entire post, I can really see where I’ve made a few ‘classic’ mistakes in following some good advice.  More opportunity to regain focus and move forward.  Thank you Darren!

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