blogging I’m sitting here on a Saturday wondering about the state of media.  Old & new, knowing with certainty that the world is changing – not a revelation to most fellow bloggers.  The technical abilities are the leveling factor here, of course, with nearly anyone having the ability to publish all forms: text, audio, video.

The most incredible part about blogging is the stunning talent that exists among these “amateurs”.  With the wide ranging opinions, perspectives, and knowledge – bloggers have the ability to slam the MSM to the mat.

Old media has more expensive equipment, assigned stories that may or may not be of interest to the journalist, a set publishing schedule, radio broadcasters have developed a method of speaking that can make you laugh, and alienating talking heads that only need to look pretty on a glowing tube.  Most important – they all refuse to state their bias.  All these are are reasons why they will ultimately fail unless they change.  And that of course is where the corporate part of these organizations will take over and correct the incorrect assumptions of the entrenched personalities.

Bloggers, however, are a bit different.  It’s true that there is less “professional” equipment being used to produce blogs – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the quality suffers.  The very nature of blogging allows the individual journalist to take interest and passion in topics they write about.  Video bloggers can actually be interesting and have a personality.  They can be offensive and inflammatory if they choose.  They can be themselves.  Podcasters can build interesting, informative, creative shows that knock the socks off most traditional broadcast programs.

Moreover, all these forms of new media allow the individual to adapt quickly.  There is no set schedule, there are no rules if you don’t want there to be.  You can discuss your passionate topic all day long if you like.  The story or topic your interested in doesn’t have to come prepared (“canned”) from 3 or 4 sterile processing plants (MSM studios) – sanitized for you protection – in New York.

Bloggers (YOU) are the the future of journalism in the world.  It’s your passion, skill, and knowledge that will change the face of media.  Also, it’s OK to have a bias – tell people up front and shout your message from the rooftops.  Opinions are what makes the world interesting, and are relevant to changing perceptions.

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