blogging So here I am, trying to write a post, pondering why anyone would be interested.  It’s happened again, and not even a full month since I thought I was through one of my worst cases of writer’s block.

I’ve allowed myself to get distracted and loose focus on why I have been blogging.  Of course I can explain a lot of reasons for this, the biggest one being a huge increase in work.  You know, that deal that helps put food on the table.

However, I’d be remiss in simply using that as an excuse because it’s more than that.  The worst part is that I’ve fallen into that trap of thinking that I’m not adding value.  I’ve begun to debate with myself if the topics I always start to write are important to anyone else.

To anyone who’s blogged for awhile, you know these are the tell-tale signs of a number of things – not the least of which is simply procrastination.  While I’ve been out reading a lot of blogs, feeds, twitter and such, I’ve not really participated to the level of my liking.

So this post is really just for me.  It’s a warning sign to myself, to get me moving along and stop worrying about all the things we worry about when blogging.  It’s like stage fright – I’ve literally been too concerned with feedback and I have no real reason for it.  I’ve got several things running through me mind lately but haven’t made a real effort to blog about them.

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