Scoble (or was it Bubba?) had a post on Blogging and Careers yesterday.  It started me thinking on how employees working for companies in the tech sector have more opportunity to blog during work.  Some actually have it as part of their job – Robert Scoble for example.  Others come to mind as well, mainly the A-Listers and so on, have more ability to blog during work and more importantly, to blog some of their work.

While I’m not ready to admit that I’m jealous, I do think that there is an important piece to blogging that many employers simply dismiss out of hand.  The opportunity to blog about what you do and/or how you do it can help a blogger grow in their abilities.  It can help expand a person’s writing style, imagination, and persistence.  It will open doors that a person doesn’t even realize they have avaliable to them.  Blogging does represent a window into a person’s character, and that is a good thing.  In today’s environment where life is so fast-paced that people have trouble just keeping up with their work, blogging can offer an outlet for their ideas, passions and creativity.

Blogging can enhance your career in ways too numerous to ponder.  One, for example is the simple availability to potential customers, and yes I view employers as customers.  After all each of us have services to offer, and why not have a sample of these services and resources available to future customers?

There is more to blogging than many middle managers in corporate America understand at this time.  It is a powerful tool for everyone, its as simple as that.  Anyone can start and update a blog for free, and you can take it to many levels after that limited only by your own ambition.  Blogging has not ‘peaked’ as some are trying to hint at – blogging has barely gotten started and will provide one of the best ways for those interested to promote themselves and their ideas.  Come along for the ride and find out for yourself; your career and your personal life will be enriched.

Also, this article from The Boston Globe on the subject is a good read.

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