This morning I was getting started on the day, fired up Twitter and immediately saw that Chris Brogan had a new post.  One that hits home to an issue I’ve been having as a consultant or freelance professional.  The post is a great resource for those starting out freelancing, or re-launching their personal brand.

The biggest thing I took away from his post was the importance of blogging.  That is the piece that I’ve struggled with for several months.  Most of the other parts, I’ve been working on for some time.  But the most important part is blogging.

Without sharing your ideas, or expertise, or passion on a topic, people can’t gauge how interested or engaged you are in your profession.  When you write about your profession or interest, you are sharing your knowledge – your expertise on the subject and providing content that attracts the attention of others.

That is the point I wanted to reinforce in Chris’ post earlier today.  While all the points are very important, providing the content and networking with peers are the top two things that you can do to help show who you are and why potential clients should choose you over another freelancer.

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