I’ve been thinking quite a bit on how to handle my Twitter page in addition to my blog.  I’ve always had issues posting “inane” posts about myself or what I’m doing, preferring to post about news topics, items of interest personally or commenting on discussions in the blogosphere.

Since joining Twitter about two weeks ago and watching the Twitter explosion at SXSW 2007, I’ve started formulating a plan going forward.  Similar to how Steve Rubel is balancing Twitter/blogging, I’m going to Twitter about daily events, opinions, comments, and things going on in the Twittershpere, and then will keep posting on my blog about things of interest that take more explanation and time.

My blog will be refocused back to writing about things of interest, commenting & interacting in the ongoing conversations in the blogosphere, and be an extension of my interests.  It may be technical at times, it may be about hobbies and relaxation, but it will continue to have more robust content.

My Twitter page, however, will be the day-to-day stuff and interactions with my Twitter “friends”.  There is a live conversation going on at Twitter, similar to attending a meeting where there is many discussions happening at once.  Depending on who you follow or include as friends to your account, the discussion can range depending on the interests and whims of the group.

If you haven’t tried Twitter, I’d recommend gathering a group of friends and associates and get them all on the service.  It’s amazing what kind of news and information get traded in real time – better than IM as you’re conversing as a group rather than one on one.

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