Well, I’ve been working and thinking on a new blog for awhile now and I’ve finally got to a point that I believe that I’m satisfied to launch my side project. The idea had really come to me while talking with some family members about blogging and some info I had here on my blog that they said was helpful. I guess this weekend is as good as any to launch a new blog – lots of time to prep and post while everyone is out celebrating our country’s independence.

The new blog is The Mobile Lifestyle and it’s about, well… the mobile lifestyle. The idea I have for TML is to talk about all facets of mobility, not just gadgets and wireless service. There are many things that promote mobility in our modern society and to not take them all into context is to miss out on some really interesting and fun things that everyone can take advantage of.

So I’m jumping into the deep end with both feet and hope to produce something of value for anyone interested in reading. Since I’m not funded by anyone but myself, it’ll really be written from the average person’s point of view. Looking for the best value, watching costs on cool devices & exotic locals, you understand the dilemma that most of us encounter using or acquiring new technology (unless the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation wants to contribute to my favorite charity – me).

There will be some tweaking as I get feedback and work with other resources on the ‘net, eventually culminating in a professional site re-design. So be patient as we work out some of the issues and so on as they come up. The Mobile Lifestyle is now live and online – stop over and let me know what you think!

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