Rick MahnIt’s been a roller coaster summer for me this year.  A lot of change and some uncertainty that has really allowed me to explore a lot of new territory online.  Also, because of the not-quite-turmoil in my families summer, I’ve allowed myself to get behind on writing several times – this past week has been another one.  We’re getting everything ready for the final move this upcoming weekend and it’ll be a full-tilt operation all the way through to Monday morning.

Meanwhile, I’ve found a lot of great new bloggers out there in all sorts of areas of expertise.  It’s been a great month on the topic of social media exploration for me as well, I’ve really started thinking more in-depth on the topic.  Branching out from the online SocNets to how social interaction in the real world is suffering, and that it’s not because of the Internet either.

I’ve got at *ton* of reading that I need to catch up on and even more writing to do.  More later.

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