About 2-3 months ago I rebuilt my PC from the ground up.  Fresh XP install, sans many desktop apps I normally would have loaded up.  I marveled at the performance increase.  Was stunned at the boot times.  Reveled in the un-crowded desktop and Start Menu.

Well that lasted about 2 months.

Lets see…

  • Internet Explorer Beta 2
  • Office 2007 Plus Professional Beta 2
  • Office OneNote 2007 Beta 2
  • Office Visio 2007 Beta 2
  • Office Project 2007 Beta 2
  • Media Player 11 Beta
  • VMware Server Beta
  • Windows Defender Beta

Well, I guess I can’t help myself.  Guess I’ll have to start over again..

…now where did I put that fresh Vista Beta 2 DVD that I just burned?

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