Hey, I just want to point out to anyone who is trying to download either Windows Vista Beta 2 or Office 2007 Beta 2 that the download servers are getting hit hard.  I’ve read some comments around the blogosphere that MS did not plan well for the release, that there should have been more servers dedicated to the release.

Well that’s all well and good to whine & complain express your viewpoint, but I’d like to see most any project manager try to gauge the market interest in beta software and plan accordingly.  Especially when there are so many people talking trash voicing their concern about your products; it gets hard to scope out the potential number of downloads, times, d/l rates, the increase in broadband connections from the last major d/l offered, etc…  There are dozens of constantly changing variables in planning for a release like this, and it is nearly impossible to get it 100% at the ‘launch’ – I don’t care who you are or what you produce and sell.

You know, for so many people criticizing Microsoft on their disappointment in the Vista feature set, or their business practices, or whatever other ‘evil’ is credited to them, it is impressive that there are so many people trying out the next versions of their core products.  Myself, I’m not surprised – Microsoft has made several significant changes in the last few years.  I’ve seen it in the quality of software, timeliness of security patches & updates, the openness of the company, and the helpfulness of the employees that I’ve worked with on a few projects.

Now that so many people are getting Office B2 and Vista B2 to ‘test’ – here is my $.02 for you.  This is your chance to improve the product.  The next few months while Beta 2 gets polished into release candidates, and ultimately RTM – you have the chance to improve the product.

Do you remember all the things in XP, 2000, or NT that drove you nuts?  What if you would have had the chance to at least point them out to MS, so there may have been some focus on the issue before you bought the software.  Take this opportunity to submit your feedback to MS – all the contact info is on the Office Beta 2 and Vista Beta 2 websites.

Now… enjoy!

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