Strike by Katie Blanch Wondering when an online-oriented event is going to pop up in your area? Why don’t you make it happen?

While “social media” is every today, it’s as important as ever to get face 2 face with folks you know online. The adage “it’s not what you know, but who you know” is as true today as it was to previous generations. While technology is tearing down the barriers of time & distance, as humans, we crave real-time interaction.

Being an organizer of events in your town or city has some advantages – you get to pick topics that are interesting to you, you get to help get people involved, but mostly you get to meet lots of people. That’s probably the biggest reward of all the work that goes into these things.

The other thing is simply getting things started. Why wait for someone to get things started – you could be that person. It’s not hard, and I know that most everyone that’s worked on getting organizing and hosting events would be happy to share some tips to making it all happen.

Are you ready to start something?

Photo credit: Katie Blanch

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