Time for some basic blogging & regrouping this weekend. I’ve been pressing hard on work and letting my writing slide, and this just won’t do. I don’t know what I’ll be writing about in the next 48 hours, but I know that I’m going to go back to the basics of blogging for me.

I guess I’m starting today (so maybe it’s 72 hours – I dunno), and will be simply sharing ideas, stories and such that simply occur to me during this time. It’s more to get back in the writing groove than anything else. Since jumping headfirst into IT consulting more than a year ago, I’ve been distracted from blogging.  Not really being able to focus enough attention on writing down those thoughts that keep running through my mind.

So this is the first post of the weekend, I’m starting early and hope in the end, to rediscover the writing habits I’ve neglected for the last many months. While I don’t expect anything grand, I’m sure there’ll be a few fun gems. Well see.

Anyway, get ready to enjoy another great late-summer/early autumn weekend folks.

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