'Follow the winding path' by erikaemergency As in all endeavors, there are many steps involved in accomplishing our goals.  In transitioning from corporate social strategist to independent consultant I had a number of directions I was hoping to go.  It’s finally time to launch one of those directions – I am now offering training courses through Social Media Breakfast.

While I’m working on additional courses, I now have the initial training session that SMBMSP is offering: Social Media 101 – Where to StartSMBMSPWhile a large number of the Social Media Breakfast – Minneapolis/St. Paul members are beyond this level, we have a host of new members in the last several months from multiple disciplines.  I think this course will be a good place for these folks to start, and subsequent training sessions will provide more in depth information as they grow and develop in the social media environment.

It’s been an interesting path to follow these last few weeks as I’ve been getting started on multiple initiatives – many taking more time than I had anticipated!  Watch for more new things coming in the next few weeks.

Photo credit: erikaemergency

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