'Suggestion Box' by disrupsean Ok, I’m getting antsy for a few good apps that I need or would like on my G1 Android phone.  I’m betting we’ll see some interesting new apps hit the Android Market in January when Google adds the ability to charge for an application.  I’d also like to make a few suggestions for some applications that I really need to have soon for productivity purposes.

Office Apps

The need for real word processing and spreadsheet applications is no joke.  An app that supports Word, Excel, and a couple extra file formats would be appreciated.  This is an application that I’d pay for.  Make it decent, include PowerPoint support as well – it needs to be a quality app.  Ability to save/load from SD is a necessity btw.

Adobe – Flash & PDF

’nuff said.


A camcorder app would be awesome, but even better would be to see a QIK client released.  Is this too much to ask?

Onscreen Keyboard (psst Google, you listening?)

There are a couple apps that already include an onscreen keyboard, so why can’t the OS?  Alls you have to do is draw some buttons and feed the button presses through the existing keyboard driver – come on, it’s not that hard.  I’m surprised at all the existing Windows Mobile onscreen keyboard vendors – this is an easy market to jump into here.

Navigation Software

Here’s another good opportunity for some enterprising company.  Don’t get me wrong, Google Maps with GPS and 3G kicks ass, but when you’re out of data range – and when you really do need some navigation assistance – it really starts to show its deficiencies.  A good navigation software package like TomTom or Garmin’s would be quite nifty – and with the size of microSD cards on the market, not too hard to load up maps for offline roadtrip fun.

So these are some of the things that I would like to see.  There are tons more – do you have some suggestions?

Photo credit: disrupsean

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