I was just reading Kent Newsome’s post ‘The Swift Way to Blog Stardom‘, and then read Seth Godin’s ‘How to get traffic for your blog‘.  The point Kent is making is that there is no sure and easy way to ‘make’ a successful blog.

People will find you – there is no doubt about that, but for you to be successful as a blogger is another thing entirely.  If you’re starting a blog for personal reasons, to have a platform of you own for ranting, raving, complaining, praising, then do it for those reasons alone.  If you want to start a blog for making money – then plan it that way from the outset in design, content and tone.

Blogs are unique because of the uniqueness of each individual that contributes to them.  Since we all have different views of the same kinds of experiences, our writing and discussions reflect that.

The point being that if your blogging to be popular, than you may be disappointed.  Be prepared to work hard at your content, style and topics if you want to draw crowds.

And if you really interested, check out Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger blog – he has a huge amount of information on being a professional blogger.

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