St. Croix River - Just south of Hudson, WI looking west to Minnesota Slow, lazy weekends – that’s what we all need from time to time, and that’s what I’m doing today on the patio overlooking the St. Croix river. Problems and issues of the world are removed and the simple sounds of life on the river replace the hectic hubbub of modern life that I return to tomorrow.

It sometimes seems so hard to get away and relax, that I often forget the view right outside the door. I’m terrible that way – I love the Northwood’s of Wisconsin and Minnesota, and my family gets away to them whenever we can. However, we choose this place on the edge of Minneapolis & St Paul so we could enjoy the view. A shame when we don’t make use of it.

It’s also a fine day to get caught up with some thinking, and get started on much needed writing as well. Something that I’ve been neglecting of late. The stress of work and the long hours involved have kept me from pursuing my agenda as much as I would like. So today is a day (afternoon really) to sit here in the autumn breeze and watch the river flow past.

So I thought I’d share the view – a couple quick snaps with my aging T-Mobile MDA (Windows Mobile), that doesn’t quite live up to modern digi-cam phones. But still…

St. Croix River View - South towards Prescott, WI St. Croix River View - North towards Hudson, WI & Stillwater, MN; I94 bridges crossing to MN in view.

Anyway, I hope you’re having a great autumn day as well, no matter where or what you happen to be doing.

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