Sorry, but that’s the truth.  If you’re afraid of sharing your opinion and letting the online world catalog and categorize you, then you’ve already lost the edge.  The realities of future (read: today) is that you need to be an active part of your industry or genre, or you lose out.  Want that corner office? Then get out there and prove to folks that you’re the person for it.

To be an active participant and be considered for advancement as we move into the future, folks are going to be looking to find out about you.  If they perform several searches online for you and find nothing… well, what does that speak of your accomplishments?  Yes, references and a call to previous employers is important, and prudent.  However, if folks just can’t find out about you outside of work, or what your passions are, or what your opinions are – it does allow them to form an opinion about you.

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