down-time So yesterday I had a realization that I had a number of chores around the house that simply couldn’t wait any longer.  Between a faulty electrical breaker for my office, to painting the living room, I couldn’t take it any longer.

I’ve had a massive lack of inspiration and I believe it was from having a number of real-world tasks that simply have been pushed off too long.  So I’ve taken yesterday, today, and again tomorrow to get them done and out of the way.  I’m feeling better already about having these things completed – Amy and I have been trying to find the time for several house-related things for quite awhile.

So, I’ve not been online consistently this week, but will be starting again on Monday.  I’ve got some ideas that I’m playing around with and want to get my office in some reasonable appearance before turning the camera on (that’s a hint).

Anyway, getting things done is a great feeling.  I should do this more often!


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