5 by Leo Reynolds Like Jon Swanson, I’m not really big on memes, but since the 5-Things meme is a long standing blogging tradition, who am I to refuse? So in his 25 Things post, Jon tagged me with “Five Happiness Reasons”, I’ll bite and hand off to another couple bloggers.

Here are my items for the “5 Things” meme: Reasons to be Happy:

  • The change of seasons
  • Our ability to overcome challenges
  • Your family & friends
  • Being part of the community
  • Doing something for someone

So now I’ve got to tag another 5 bloggers eh? Well, I’ll tag Mykl Roventine, Todd Jordan, Josh Kahn, Mike Keliher, Garrick Van Buren. What’s the five things? Since it’s that Thanksgiving time of year – how about 5 things in social media to be thankful for? Participate if you like guys.

Photo credit: Leo Reynolds

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