'Achieving Goals' by tochris So it’s the end of another year. As such, I wanted to take a minute and put my plans & goals for 2008 out there.  I’ve not done this one before, but thought I give it a go this year.  Much has changed and I have some directions that I want to follow in 2009 that I neglected in years past.

Writing – Blogging

I’m planning on making a return to a regular blogging schedule after a bit more than a year of a more random approach.  The reason for this was partially work related, but also from a lack of direction in the Fall/Winter of 2007/2008.  This will include the review of a couple other blogs I have – see if I still have the passion & interest to continue those, or if I should end up selling them off.

Writing – eBooks, Newsletters

Ah… yes, there were two aspects to the writing bug this time around. I also am planning to move forward with some eBook projects and a possible Newsletter in 2009.  I’m not sure when exactly this will take place, but will be working on the planning in January.  The eBook topics will relate to personal branding, the social web, information technology (& social media), and probably how many of these relate to the enterprise. I’m thinking hard on these lately.


Social Media Breakfast – Twin Cities (@SMBMSP on Twitter) has been a great success here in the Minneapolis & St. Paul area, and I plan to continue evolving our local version.  It will remain a low or no-cost event. In addition to this fun monthly event, I’m planning on working some one-off special events and possibly an annual event.  Whether those are a summit, retreat, or un-conference style I’m not sure yet, but I do have a few concept ideas that I want to expand on.  I’ve found that I really enjoy helping people connect, and thereby connecting their business or career needs with resources in the local community.

Online Income

2009 is the year I get serious about increasing online income.  By focusing energies on new ideas and business models for my consulting services I plan to make the transition this year from a senior technologist role to a business & customer communications role. The end result will probably be something different, but that’s the fun of a dynamic, fast-paced industry… it’s constantly changing.


The next few weeks of this year is also the time I’m going to be taking to reassess my career direction. Am I really pursuing the dream, or have allowed myself to get sidetracked and mired in the mechanics of the mundane, again? This is a crucial piece of the puzzle, as it feeds into everything else.  Without direction, none of has have a clue as to where we’re going.

So what’s your plan for this year?

Photo credit: tochris

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