Well, It’s time I talked about what I think is going to be growing trends in 2008.  I’ve been amazed at the trends in 2007, with the rise of micro-blogging, Facebook, and other social-networking and social-media tools.  Seeing the interest, functionality and participation in these tools, to me, fosters ideas of how they can be leveraged in the enterprise.  It’s been a great ride, and I believe a lot of this will continue into 2008.

So here is what I think will be some of the trends and events in 2008.

  • Social Network tools & platforms make inroads into the enterprise.
  • Public micro-blogging tools continue their growth.
  • The original “New Media” disrupter, the blog, re-emerges as the focal point of many individual and businesses.
  • Personal Branding gains more mainstream understanding and acceptance
  • Video becomes more prevalent as a social media tool for posting, sharing, micro-blogging, and more
  • More, simple, social media tools (SocNets) become available for business or professional networking
  • Microsoft and Apple continue to look more alike in their successes and failures.
  • The use of “bite size” media becomes an easy to use building block for the average person

Well, that’s it for now – not a big list, and probably not many revelations there.  It’s probably more indicative of what I’m looking for and focusing on for the next few months anyway.  Cheers!

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